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In 2014 the European Commission launched the Erasmus+ programme. This was in reponse to the alarming growth in unemployment and the fall in the level of education of young people. Over a period of seven years, in other words until 2020, the member states will benefit in the areas of education, vocational training, youth and sport, with funds to a value of nearly 15 billion euros. In Romania the institution that will administer the Erasmus+ programme is the National Agency for Community Programmes in the Fields of Education and Vocational Training (in short ANPCDEFP).

The launch of the megaprogramme Erasmus+ presented ANPCDEFP with an excellent opportunity for rebranding. It had become clear that due to a higher-profile public presence in the near future, the agency would need a solid brand identity. The necessity for an identity pack that would offer all the tools required to sustain a broad communication process was obvious.
The first stage of the project was to build a solid brand platform. The starting point for this was a statement agreed by the entire team of the Agency, which pledged ANPCDEFP's determination to be a model of excellence in the administration of European programmes in the fields of education, vocational training and youth. The word that appeared most frequently in the discussions among those involved in the rebranding process was transformation.

Whereas we decided to use the acronym rather than the institution's full title for the logotype, in order to make the logo more memorable, a symbol was necessary. The solution we came up with had the first initial letter of the Agency as a starting point and it communicates some of the most important things which we wanted the public to associate ANPCDEFP with: transformation, progress and improvement.


Metaphorically speaking, the Agency is the window that enables the programme's beneficiaries to access new perspectives. Starting with this consideration, we developed an entire graphic language, whose main purpose is to organise the messages that are being transmitted from a visual point of view, and whose secondary purpose is to add another stroke to the personality of the brand. The modular window is the name we chose for this graphic device wich is used in the majority of materials with high information content – posters, brochure covers, flyers etc.

One of the most important values behind the brand is accessibility. The comparison with an elder brother is very fitting given the attention that ANPCDEFP pays to counselling every individual who uses their services. With the aim of highlighting this human quality of the agency, the graphic system was enriched with a set of six characters, three male and three female.

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