Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund

Informative film and print projects

Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund is an entity that is just as vital for the Romanian banking system as it is little known. We started working for this brand at a time when they wanted to change the tone of voice for their communication: the Fund needed to put across a friendlier image. The brand already had an identity, but the guidelines we were given didn't provide the necessary means for creating the new image that was required.


The solution was to find a fresh graphic style, which would also conform to the rules in the brand manual. The animation we made presents the functions performed by Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund in an accessible way, emphasising the most important guarantees made by the Fund. This reassures depositors that even in the case of banking failure, in Romania there is still a safety net for their money.

The new poster contains a summary of all the information that a depositor needs to know about the institution that protects their deposits. It is displayed – or at least ought to be displayed – in branches of all banks in Romania that participate in the Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund.
The entire working mechanism of the Fund is explained in the form of a cartoon in a 16 page brochure in A6 format (105 x 148 mm). The information is conveyed through a dialogue between a prospective depositor and an advisor, who clarifies all the uncertainties that the depositor has about how this institution works.

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