Corporate branding

The brief was simple: the company needed to be clearly perceived as the most powerful online provider of travel and tourism products in Romania. The keyword in the story of this brand was online. Therefore we decided from the start that to aid the association between BestTourism and the virtual medium, we would add ".ro" onto the name.
In branding everything is about signals. The more intelligent, surprising and full of personality they are, the higher the chances of the brand catching the eye and the heart of the public. The fact that the logotype is written in original characters that were specially designed for it, constitutes one such signal. isn't any travel agency. It is rather a genuine hypermarket on whose virtual shelves visitors find the entire tourism offer on the market. This positioning has so much to offer that the option of an emotive slogan was elimiated from the start in favour of a brand tag that was as rational as possible. This is how became the first, and for the time being, the only travel hypermarket in Romania.

A multitude of options for those looking for solutions for travel and tourism: this is the most important promise of And the pictograms that form the secondary graphic system illustrate precisely this point.

Photographic style is fundamental for a tourism brand. Even if they are taken from stock photos libraries, the pictures are carefully chosen, in as much as they must be in the spirit of the brand. To appear in's promotional materials, a photograph needs to have specific attributes which are clearly defined in the brand manual.
The brand manual contains all the rules concerning the way the logo, the secondary graphic system, the typography and the images should be used. It's a resource that should be consulted every time a material that will represent the brand is created.

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