Brett Motors

Visual identity

In 2005, Brett Motors entered a market of heavy machinery distribution dominated by a few giants. The good news was that the niche they wanted to compete in from the beginning, that of compact equipment, was ready to receive another player. Back then – and today also – the stars of the company’s portfolio were the Mustang skid steer loaders. Small but compact and brimming with vitality – this was the summary of the brief we built upon.

The visual system we designed back then was a useful tool for the development of the company. But five years later, in 2010, the situation had changed beyond reckoning. Some new brands had entered the portfolio and the services that were delivered with every sale had become more important than ever before. This meant the relation with the client didn’t finish once the sale was done. On the contrary, it continued as long as possible with financial assistance and after-sales service.

This time the challenge was to introduce the human touch into the visual identity of Brett Motors. The solution we came up with was to complete the logo with a friendly anthropomorphic trio. Each of the three characters represents one important category of products from the portfolio. (On the back of the business card you can see from left to right the symbols corresponding to the skid steer loaders, the telehandlers and the compact excavators.)

The company’s clear focus on services was officialised the moment when all the communication materials were rebuilt according to the new visual identity.

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