Christian Adventure

Visual identity

Christian Adventure is a school of mountain guides whose main objective is not to make a profit. It is first and foremost an organisation that aims to promote national values and support tourism in the mountains of Romania. We decided to imbue this brand with some attributes that would convey an air of officialdom – not exactly solemnity, as this is not a word that would fit Christian Adventure's set of values. Therefore the logo is round, and we opted to include in it the Romanian flag as a graphic element.

The brand is friendly and direct, and the message that it puts across is always concise and to the point. The colour system and the secondary graphics needed to be able to convey this straightforward way of communicating. Therefore it has a sparse chromatic palette: just yellow and black, and the support graphics – which consists of a pattern formed exclusively by elementary geometric shapes – directly allude to the signage on mountain trails.

The course trainers and participants are the most important messangers of the brand. This is why special attention was paid to the branding of the clothes worn by them on expeditions.

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