Christian Tour

Corporate branding

Christian Tour is the market leader for holidays in Romania and an increasingly more powerful player in the sectors of ticketing and corporate travel. Our first work with this brand dates back to 2006, when the company were light years away from the position they are in now.


By 2013 the brand had become very visible. Their communication needs were by now greater than ever, as Christian Tour had become the company that offered complete solutions for travel and tourism, regardless of whether it was a question of airline tickets, event organization, accommodation or simply holidays. The visual identity that we had created for them back in 2006-2007 needed to be upgraded, to provide the brand with the instruments it needed in order to be able to put its message across in all kinds of media.

The first step in the rebranding process was the building of the brand platform. We took this opportunity to put down on paper the eight values that are at the core of the brand. Implicitly these were recognised by those who had come into contact with Christian Tour, but never before had these statements been incorporated into a material that would be readily available for those who needed to gain an understanding of the brand.
Once the theorical part had been completed we got down to updating the logo. The symbol was simplified and the logotype was redone. For the latter operation we developed a thick and rounded letter type, with the result that the new logotype is simpler, friendlier, and easier on the eye.
The new chromatic palette – formed of 12 optimistic tonic colours – is sufficiently generous to create visual diversity for numerous applications. The secondary graphic system is based on the square, which alludes directly to the shape of the logo. However, nothing is static. This element is built on the foundation of predetermined rules (that concern colour, maximum/minimum distance between elements etc.), but allows for infinite metamorphoses. The dynamism of the secondary graphic system underlines the diversity of services and products offered by Christian Tour.

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