Europa Travel

Corporate branding

Europa Travel is the first low cost tourism company to have the courage to portray itself publicly as such. The tourist who opts for this brand will always have access to the cheapest offers on the market and the correlation between the quality of services and price will be excellent. The new visual identity needed to provide all the necessary instruments to sustain this positioning.
The strength of the brand comes from the fact that it has the cheapest products on the market, while it doesn't cut corners on quality. Despite low prices, the services offered are good. Thanks to savings made when purchasing the tourist package, those who choose Europa Travel have more money to spend while on holiday. This is exactly the message that is conveyed by the brand line that appears on most of its promotional materials.
Europa Travel is a brand for the masses. All messages are delivered in a way that is concise and to the point. Posters, online banners and possible future outdoor campaigns limit themselves to the most basic information. But the way in which it is presented resembles a shout that's full of enthusiasm coming from someone who has just found something great they have been looking for for a long time. The text is written in upper case, on two ascending strips, which are painted in the two principal colours of the brand.
To ensure graphic coherence for the brand, we made templates for all types of materials used in Europa Travel's communications. Here can be seen some of the most important such materials: the business card, a promotional item, the cover of the company's folder and a poster.
Europa Travel coaches are an excellent medium to make the brand's identity more widespread. They are seen weekly by tens of thousands of people, with peak visibility in the summer season. The graphics created for them contain the most important components of the brand identity system: the logo, the key element of the secondary graphic system and the brand line, which can be seen on the backs of coaches.
The rules that need to be followed to ensure the integrity of the brand are neither numerous nor complicated. But it is important that they are fully respected, because otherwise the identity of Europa Travel could suffer. To avoid any such mistake, we set down all these guidelines in a brand book which has four parts: Brand Platform, Verbal Identity, Graphic Standards and Applications.

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