Europa Travel

Online appearance

Europa Travel is a brand whose interaction with the public is conducted largely online. The newsletter, the Facebook page and the web banners are three of its most important communication channels. All of these materials were upgraded in the spirit of the new visual identity. Consequently, from now on Europa Travel can speak on the Internet with a single voice, which is well adapted to the brand's personality.

There are three main audiences for Europa Travel's newsletter: their standard clients, their hard core customers – which are members of the Europa Travel Club – and the tourist agencies that act as resellers for our client's products. As these three groups differ in terms of areas of specific interest, three separate newsletter templates were created. There is also a fourth template for special offers, the one in the image, but in fact this is a special case, a very specific type of newsletter for clients.

On Facebook, instead of profile photos, various avatars of the logo's symbol are used, which reflect the season at the current moment. In this way the brand demonstrates that it is alive, and followers have an extra reason to keep up with Europa Travel's page.
Promotional campaigns will take place to a great extent online, and web banners will be the first materials of Europa Travel that many prospective customers will come into contact with. As any improvisation may endanger the brand's visual integrity, we designed templates of the most commonly used dimensions of web banners, in which the positions of all elements were defined. When new campaigns take place, the designer will have an easy job: all he will have to do is change the images and alter the message and price.
Here are a few examples that demonstrate how flexible the banner system is, and at the same time how well it speaks the visual language of the brand.
All the rules regarding how the Europa Travel brand works in the online media were set down and explained in a manual. Thus, those who administer the newsletter, the Facebook page and the banner campaigns have an instrument they can refer to any time they are at all in doubt.

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