This project was all about enriching the graphic language of a brand whose visual story had already been clearly defined. The elegant identity of the Mattig group (Mattig Management, Mattig Accounting and Controlling and Mattig Audit) was designed in Switzerland, the company's home country, and was explained in the brand manual that we were given. However, when we were asked to deliver materials that would appeal more to the emotions, it was clear that the manual didn't offer us enough flexibility.
Our contribution to the brand consisted of a new photographic style. The fractal visuals that we used speak not only of order and continuity, but also of warmth, all values that are intrinsic to Mattig's brand personality.
The new photographic style is used on all important materials printed for the Romanian market. As you can see, our graphic perspective successfully integrates the identity developed by the Swiss designers with the emotive aspects that were required of us.
The greeting card that we designed for the winter holidays of 2011 also makes reference to fractals. The graphic element that serves as a starting point, an upper case M from the Frutiger 65 bold font, is the first letter in the Mattig logo. The symbol is used in all situations in which, due to considerations of space, it isn't possible to use the entire logo (for example the in browser as favicon). We used it to create a snowflake, which was the perfect visual metaphor for Mattig within the context of the winter holidays.

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