Mint Finishings

Visual identity

The Romanian market for offset printing is extremely competitive. The same, however, could hardly be said about the visual identity of the major national players in this field. After a careful study of the competition, we reached an unequivocal conclusion: the biggest printing companies are very weak from the point of view of identity design. Paying the deserved attention to their brand image, the management of Mint Finishings knew they would be transmitting a strong signal both to existing and prospective clients.

The positioning had a lot of potential. Mint Finishings would have to be perceived as the preferred printing house for those wanting to avoid headaches. The company was justified in making this claim thanks to the high level of skill among the team's members, the technology of the printing machines, and the fact that regardless of the degree of complexity of the finish, any print job could be completed under the same roof.

At the core of the visual identity lies the image style. The subjects of the photographs are not the people, but the operations they are performing. Far from wanting to avoid images that present the company's technological assets, we wanted to put these in full view, given that Mint Finishings have plenty of machinery to boast about.


The company's web page has two roles: to tell the brand's story and to allow those who come into contact with them in the online medium to easily send messages and offer requests. Just as in the presentation brochure, we decided to make the images the principal ingredient. The photos show visitors the dedication of the production team, the level of technological endowment, as well as a selection of some of their best works. Click here if you want to visit Mnt Finishings' website.


The interaction between clients and the commercial department is greatly simplified by the offer request form. In the page dedicated to this, the client can configure his job without needing to get further support from one of the print consultants. By designing special dedicated layouts for mobile devices we wanted to prove that Mint Finishings is a brand that feels great when it comes to new technologies. But more than this, by paying attention to these kind of things, we wanted to suggest to the various audiences that they are dealing with a brand who knows how the details need to be treated. And this aplies for its communication, but more important, for its core capability: the printing.


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