Anniversary film

At the end of 2011, Renania, the undisputed leader in safety equipment on the Romanian market, was celebrating its 15th birthday. The venue chosen to mark the occasion was the Palace of Culture in Târgu Mureș, probably the most important landmark of Renania's home town. Our mission was to tell the story of the company's first decade and a half, in a film of no more than ten minutes. (Here you can see an edited version of the material.)
The result, a visual story in four chapters, was bound together by interviews with the Szasz brothers, the two founders of the company.

The film succeeded in being engaging through the combination of music and cinematographic effects. These enabled us to highlight the longevity of the company and also the ongoing evolution that has characterised, and continues to characterise this brand's vision. The filming and montage were done by our collaborator Adrian Pădurețu (Forest Film).


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