Senior Voyage

Naming & product branding

As the name states, this product’s target audience are senior citizens. Another important selling point is that the holidays offered are partially subsidized. So we had to find a tone of voice that would successfully communicate all these advantages to this kind of public, famous for the attention it pays to detais.


The symbol that occupies the center of the entire visual identity, the tree, is a metaphor for serene and carefree twilight years. The irregular lines that cross the head of the tree, which mimic the parallels and meridians of the geographic globe, suggest the universe of tourism. These lines become the essence of a flexible visual system which consistently transmits the identity of the product that Senior Voyage is.

The programmes included in Senior Voyage are not scheduled during peak season, allowing the senior customers to have the peace and quite they need. The tourist packages are tailor-made for the target audience: travelers can choose to remain in the peaceful atmosphere of the resort they are staying in, or they can take full advantage of a number of optional trips offered.

Senior Voyage Club Card is the pinnacle of a customer loyalty system that facilitates tourist acces to loads of discounts and other kind of incentives. is easily surfable and highly readable. The core information from the main menu is classified into three categories: Everything about Senior Voyage, a section dedicated to the programmes and finally, the area that describes one of the company's most appealing products, the Senior Voyage Club Card. Beside this, the site has a secondary menu which contains all the other important information for Senior Voyage customers. Here, the visitor can find out details about the destinations on offer, download all the programmes in electronic format, search for the nearest agency where they can purchase a package or find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


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