Presentation movie and album

The modernization of the railway between Bucharest and Constanța is one of the most important infrastructure projects taking place in Romania at the moment. Siemens won the tender for the electrification of the section from Fundulea to Fetești, a stretch that is approximately 100 kilometers long. The contract between Siemens and the Romanian Railway Company (CFR) stipulated the making of some film footage and printed materials aimed at promoting the project.
The most important thing in creating both the film and the catalogue was that they needed to tell as many things as possible related to the current state of the project, without boring the viewer or the reader with unnecessary images and other superfluous information. In order to achieve this, we had to understand very well what it was all about.
After we had spent some hours together with engineers and manual laborers from Siemens, it became obvious that there was a chronology underlying works involved. This was the starting point we needed in order to be able to build a story of this project. The works and the order they were to take place in would form the main thread of the story.
The length of the film reaches almost an hour and the catalogue is hard covered and sewn spined. The photos, the filming and the editing were made by our collaborator, Adrian Pădurețu (Forest Film).

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