Naming & visual identity

Violet is a dental clinic whose strongest point is not the dimension of its marketing budget, but the expertise of its medical staff and their determination to offer patients a pleasant experience. The branding process began by identifying the clichés that plague this sector. In Romania, most dental clinics' names are composed of two words: one that conveys the idea of excellence (elit, plus, estet) and another which refers to the dental field (dent, stoma etc.), and the logo predictably portrays a tooth. These were elements that we decided to steer clear of.
The name is short and memorable, the chromatic system is full of personality and doesn't contain any green or white – the two colours that are omnipresent in the branding of the majority of dental clinics – and the symbol avoids the stereotype, although its four petals clearly represent cross-sections of a tooth.

The webpage is easy to navigate and contains only relevant information: doctors, services that are provided, prices, an online booking tool, dental advice and a contact section. We gave deserved attention to social media: links to Facebook and YouTube apear in a privileged position regardless of which page the visitor is on, and the special offers section is given particular prominence.


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