What we believe in

  • 1

    Design, to us, is an instrument of communication. When it is well thought out and well executed, design can create emotion and trust, hence strengthening brand loyalty.

  • 2

    The key to any form of visual communication is the way the information is organized. An item with carefully structured information is an item with good design, because it successfully conveys its message. This is the reason why we always avoid any futile visual artefacts if we can’t find a strong answer to the question “What does this graphical element stand for?”

  • 3

    A huge part of the information we all receive every day comes in written form. Books, newspapers and magazines, websites and outdoor advertisements, they all tell us something through the medium of letters. Taking this into consideration, it becomes obvious why we are so careful when it comes to typography (this being the proper term for the visual aspect of the text).

  • 4

    In order to know what we have to speak about, we must very well understand who is the client, what he does best and what he wants to achieve. This is the reason why each project begins with a thorough documentation.

  • 5

    We know that anything can be improved. Therefore it is possible to leave ourselves carried away from time to time by the temptation of perfectionism and overtake a little bit the deadlines.

  • 6

    In most of the cases, good work cannot be done in notime. Knowing this, it becomes obvious that the prices cannot be bananas.


Who we believe in

We believe in all those who tried to do something for the world to become better, smarter or more beautiful. Although Federico Fellini, Hermann Hesse, Dostoievsky, Miles Davis and Jim Jarmusch are among our favorites, we’ll mention below only some of those that have directly inspired the way we work:

  • erik spiekermann

    This German designer is one of the most spectacular contemporary typographers.

  • chermayeff & geismar

    Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar, in the industry since 1958, are the authors of some of the most intelligent branding projects in the world.

  • stefan sagmeister

    All of this brilliant designer's projects are striking in their unbelievable originality.

  • gerrit noordzij

    Typography and letter design teacher, he’s one of the greatest thinkers in this field.

  • doyald young

    A celebrated American designer and calligrapher. His books – in which he generously unveils his creative process and his sources of inspiration – are an indispensible resource for any student or typography enthusiast.

  • paul rand

    A great American modernist, he is the creator of some iconic logos like the ones for IBM, Westinghouse, abc or UPS.