Website & banner system exists almost exclusively online and the website is by far the most important interface of the brand.

The website is not a static entity. It evolves over time and grows rapidly with fresh pages and sections. To ensure that the graphic language is entirely respected, we designed a material in which we listed all aspects that need to be taken into consideration when a new page is being developed: the grid with its variations and columns, the header, main menu, footer, page numbering, graphic treatment of headings etc.

The newsletter is the second most important online channel through which reaches its public. There will be times when only one destination is being promoted, and situations in which there will be more destinations at the same time. There will be times when the offer will have only a title, and others in which it will also have explicative text. In order to enable the company to communicate regardless of the situation and without putting the brand identity at risk, templates were designed for all these situations.
The banners will appear on highly-viewed websites on the Romanian Internet, so there is a strong possibility a lot of people would make first contact with the brand through these materials. In order to make sure that any ambiguity or incoherence is avoided, we constructed templates for the two types of banner – those that promote the products and those that promote the brand itself.

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