Connector 2015 – event branding

Non-formal education offers an alternative to the classical (formal) system of education, and can boast a number of highly desirable attributes: it focuses on the real learning needs of the beneficiary, learning takes place at its own rhythm, it is based on active and interactive methods of learning and encourages the personal development of the individual and of groups. In Romania the adoption of non-formal methods of education is still in its infancy and our client, the National Agency for Community Programmes in the Domain of Education and Professional Formation (ANPCDEFP) is one of its most active proponents.


In 2014 ANPCDEFP launched Connector, an event aiming to become within the space of a few years, the biggest forum for non-formal and participatory education in Central and Eastern Europe. By 2015, its second edition, it could already claim that the scale of the event was close to what the organisers had predicted just a year before. Connector 2015 took place in Cluj-Napoca over a period of six days and was attended by over 260 guests and 20 experts in methods of non-formal education from 35 countries.


The graphic language of the newly created brand is rather tight and makes reference to the principal values of the Connector brand, namely learning, cooperation, participation, network, trust and solidarity.


The visual identity we proposed had at its core the ideas of interactivity and cooperation. The logo, with its numerous ligatures, clearly conveyed these ideas.


The chromatic and typographic systems are connected to the mother brand. The typeface used in all communication materials is Irma ­– the same one we used for the titles for ANPCDEFP’s materials – and the colours we worked with are taken from the chromatic package used for ANPCDEFP.


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