Design of website platform

The National Agency for Community Programmes in the Field of Education and Vocational Training (ANPCDEFP) manages at national level a number of European programmes with big impact especially with young people. The best known is Erasmus+, but the Agency's portfolio contains also other important programmes such as Europass and Eurodesk. For its online strategy just creating a simple website wasn't enough. Each programme needed its own webpage, and their connection with ANPCDEFP needed to be evident.


The solution we chose was to create a flexible system, a sufficiently generous graphic language which would allow the construction of all the sites for the various programmes under the Agency's care. The future websites were differentiated according to criteria such as: the programme they were promoting, the number of menus, the number of buttons on the menu or the intensity of the visual impact required. Just as the differences between the future webpages needed to be evident, the fact that there was a common ground needed to be just as evident.


From the visual point of view, the homepage of each of the platform's sites consisted of a mosaic of blocks of differing widths containing text, images and various types of lists. Together, the sum of these articles needed to give the visitor a more precise idea of the institution's activities and to offer them access to the most important events and news at any given moment. 


The colour palette of the platform is based on the ANPCDEFP brand's chromatic system. For each of the five colours we found a lighter tint, which is usually used for mouse-overs on buttons and links. Additionally, for each of ANPCDEFP's partner sites –,, and – we took into consideration the colour palettes proposed for the identity of the respective brands.


Each of the platform's future sites needed to host a consistent corpus of information. Because of the amount of data, the sites had to be well organised in order for the reader to be able to make sense of them and use them effectively. Entries of the same type had to be listed in what we called list-type pages. This kind of page was created for each of the following types of entries: news, deadlines, events, videos, documents and links.


We wanted the Agency's platform to be a benchmark in Romania for the relation between an institution and the media. Therefore, we created a section which is aimed specifically at journalists. Here they can refer to all the press releases, download images in enlarged formats suitable for printing and access logos in vectorial formats. 


When aproaching the platform's ”My account” section we kept in mind the different requirements for a user and an administrator. The latter is in the position of a privileged user and the pages of their accounts have an additional row of dark blue buttons in the upper part. These allow the administrators to manage all the categories on any site of the ANPCDEFP platform.


At the end of the project, our client received an ample directory of graphic files, accompanied by a manual of 129 pages in which it was explained in detail how the construction of any new site in the Agency's portfolio should be approached.


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