Branding Harta was an ambitious project right from the beginning. Our client, VOLUM – The Federation of Organisations Supporting the Development of Volunteering in Romania, started this venture determined to create a brand which would soon become the sole point of reference of supply and demand for volunteer work in Romania. We therefore opted for a name that would not only communicate the brand's area of activity, but also convey its all-inclusive approach.


It would be necessary for the public to understand beyond any doubt that the brand's activities would be almost exclusively online.Therefore the brand name coincides with the web domain on which the platform can be accessed. In the graphics that we adopted, the two words that make up the name are linked, but in order to be more easily read, the first letters are written in upper case, while the TLD – the ".ro" ending – is part of the name.


The length of the name was the determining factor that led to the logo being accompanied by a symbol. At the core of the story that the people from VOLUM gave us is the idea of a journey. The platform, in the vision of our client, would become a resource that would facilitate the journey for those interested in this domain, into the universe of volunteering projects. From here, it only took a small step to come up with the metaphor of the balloon. is a brand that is full of energy. So, the colour palette we came up with, communicates precisely this. The attributes we had in mind when we took care of this aspect of the visual identity of the brand were contrast, warmth and freshness. 


The diversity of this world was suggested by a range of eighteen symbols, one for each domain of volunteering. The style of the pictograms abounds in detail. As a result of this approach, they have a far greater impact when used in bigger dimensions on the various printed or online communication materials.


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